A New Beginning?  Yes, A New Beginning!

(July 2013)I have had it rough for the past few years.  In and out of jobs, with mouths to feed and a crap load of course bills to pay. I have gone to many job interviews, and gotten just as many rejection letters. It’s hard when you come to the realization that you could have made more money, and had more job offers without a college degree than with one.

In reality, although we all have the ability to conquer anything we want to in the world, we tend to be the ones holding ourselves back from completing our dreams.  All that said, I have been sitting on my dreams, and knocking at the doors of corporations that have no desire to let me in, or even bother to answer.  It is sad that I have only just realized that I need to stop knocking, and simply build up my own walls, and bust down new doors.  Drawing strength from friends in my community and around the world who have done just that, today, I choose to make my own path.

POTFW will celebrate my love for family, friends, and myself. I will keep you abreast of the challenges I go through while I make many different life changes. Whether it be my failures or successes in cycling, or the ups and downs of my nephews mohawk, I will try to keep you informed about our crazy life.

So…. ENJOY!!

The Princess:

My area of Potfw will have 3 sections : Biking, World Music, and Smile.

I will take time to offer updates on my biking experiences.  I hope to encourage people to be more active  and not so sedentary. I am not biking to lose weight. The bicycle is an instrument to take me from pout A to point B. If I happen to start losing weight after while, it will be even better. The activity does not have to be biking, but something that gets you outdoors and enjoying their surroundings and community.

The World Music  section will showcase talented artists from around the world I will let you know what artists I listen to from day to day as well as new ones I come across. I hope that people learn that every country has their own local favorites and good music doesn’t just come in English.

My third Section, Smile, will allow me to post random videos blog post and stories that make me happy or even laugh out loud. It is just that simple!


My nephew Kevin is a part of this page because he is family and because he wants to improve his writing. He has chosen to update his readers about his hair, swimming, and skateboarding. Kevin  writes all the articles in his sections, and sits with my, Princess, to work on editing them.

Summary of

Kevins Hair Updates

This section will showcase the ins and outs of long hair and taking care of my mohawk. A lot of people ask so many questions when I am wearing my mohawk, So its nice to have a place where I can answer their questions.

Kevin’s Swimming Updates

I swim for Greater Omaha Aquatic Leopard sharks (GOAL). I also love to swim at Elmwood pool in the summer. I will give updates on my progress as a swimmer as well as share cool swimming stories.


In this section I will share skateboarding stories as well as give skateboarding types as well. I will cover what types of skateboards are cool, and what not to buy.